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Ready-to-eat meals, turning your busy lifestyle into a healthy one.

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Soli Locations

Walk in and buy one meal or stock up for the entire week! You can also order ahead online for a Wednesday or Sunday pick-up.

Local Delivery

Live within 15 miles of a Soli location? Order online! We make local deliveries on Sundays.


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Makes Eating Healthy Possible

Soli has become such a huge part of my life. I'm able to feed my family healthy food every day in spite of our hectic schedules. Plus, the meals are consistently delicious - I crave the turkey lasagna multiple times a week!

Katie S.

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Nutrition for a Busy Work Day

Soli is great at helping me get the nutrition I need for a busy work day. Being prepared with meals allows me to stay on track all day long while enjoying great tasting food! Bonus: each meal comes with a detailed nutrition notch!


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Perfect Fit For My Lifestyle

Soli is the perfect fit for me. My meals from Soli are absolutely delicious, balanced and calorie controlled, just the way I like it. Soli is a positive addition to my fitness focus and work routine. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, Soli curates every meal so that I know I am eating healthy if I’m eating Soli.

B. Gill

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Changed My Health

Over two years ago I started eating Soli meals . My weight loss and yearly physical check ups have been totally incredible. Will be a Soli customer for years to come!!!!

Dug Griggs